Why I Started this Site

Posted by Joan McBee on 9th Mar 2023

Why I Started this Site

Have you ever noticed that so much of the fishing stuff out there is for men? Fishing waders, fishing hats, fishing t-shirts, etc. In fact, in a search for a fishing t-shirt, this is what I found:

  • The Rodfather
  • Father & Son: Fishing Partners for Life
  • Weekend Forecast: Fishing with a Chance of Drinking
  • Never underestimate an old man with a fishing rod
  • Daddy’s fishing buddy

Okay, maybe that’s not so bad, right? Okay, how about this?

  • It doesn’t matter if she’s short, fat, and has a big mouth, as long as she swallows
  • She swallows every time I bring my rod out
  • I like it when she bends over. I love it when she tugs on my worm and swallows.
  • Mine is so big, I have to use both my hands

Shirts like this are one reason why I wanted to start my own company. I want fishing apparel made for me. I want pink camo waders and pretty fishing poles. I want t-shirts and sweatshirts that reflect a woman’s passion for fishing. Let’s face it, most of us women can out-fish our partners at one time or another, right? We are just as capable and just as passionate about fishing.

I started this company, so I could have the things I want. If someone isn’t going to make fishing things for me, I’ll make them! Let me know if there’s something you’d like, and I’ll work on it. I’m just getting started, and there’s more to come! Thanks for visiting my site.